Hush Puppies Shoes

Hush Puppies Shoes

Hush Puppies invented casual shoes! In 1958, when they first introduced the soft suede Hush Puppies shoe, something amazing happened; the world discovered casual, comfortable style, and Hush Puppies have been a favorite ever since.

Combining advanced comfort technology with fun, contemporary styling, Hush Puppies fit perfectly into everyday life. It's no wonder Hush Puppies have become a worldwide favorite with a full line of footwear for men and women.

Hush Puppies is a division of Wolverine World Wide, headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, the world's leading maker of casual, work, and outdoor footwear.

In 1958, cult American shoe brand Hush Puppies was creatively conceived. Famed for radically revolutionising contemporary casual footwear, they bounded onto the market when US tannery company Wolverine crafted a classic suede Oxford shoe, fashioned from a native American leather.

Hush Puppies owes its name to a colloquialism used after a Wolverine employee observed that his friends barking dogs were instantly silenced when fried cornmeal balls (also known as hush puppies) were thrown at them. At the same time, sore feet were also commonly known as 'barking dogs' thus 'Hush Puppies' was the new name given to the Wolverine shoe.

Launched in the UK by high street footwear giant Saxone, just a year after going on sale in America, they became a phenomenal super sell-out. Offering both comfort and style, those comfortable brown suede shoes fast became a firm fashion favourite throughout the late 50's and the staple uniform for Mods everywhere in the swinging 60's. By 1965, Hush Puppies shoes had ensured that Wolverine successfully dominated the American casual footwear market.

Hush Puppies soon came of age as loafers and lace - ups and were hot property once again, primarily on the streets of New York. Fashion Editors and Stylists were whipped into a furious fashion frenzy scouring second hand shops and street markets for authentic, vintage Hush Puppies. The craze continued onto the catwalk as they made their way into John Bartlett's Spring/Summer 95 Menswear collection. Bartlett hailed them as "The quintessential American shoe ... an American icon." Displaying them in a myriad of rainbow hues ranging from lavender to lime he sparked a massive resurgence in the demand for Hush Puppies originals.

They were soon snapped up by the toast of the New York shopping scene stocked by Charivari, Pleasure Swell and Barneys. American designers Anna Sui and Gene Myer also followed in the footsteps of John Bartlett by showcasing them in their fashion collections.

Always quick on the scent of a trend, English eccentric designer Paul Smith was the first to stock the new colourful Hush Puppies in the UK. Hot on his heels, they were fast patronised by a plethora of stylish celebrities such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Liam and Noel Gallagher amongst others. In the words of Jefferson Hack, Editor of style bible Dazed and Confused, "Hush Puppies are cool - definitely."