J-41 Shoes

J-41 Shoes

J-41 shoes deliver the ultimate in style, comfort and performance, affording every individual the opportunity to go anywhere, do anything and live life to the fullest. Engineered to traverse individual terrains, J-41 is a personal roadmap for life. Adventure On.

Common comfort features of J-41 shoes include a Jeep® memory foam insole that conforms to your foot, and a Jeep® trail-rated sole that provides excellent traction.

Women's J-41 shoes, including the popular J-41 Journey clog and a variety of other J-41 wedge shoes and J-41 mary jane styles, offer eco-friendly design. J-41 products are made with 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. The soles of all J-41 footwear are constructed with partially recycled rubber. In this small way J-41 hopes to do their part to help save the great outdoors for future generations. Recycle On.

J-41 kids' shoes for girls offer the same comfort, style, and eco-conscious design as women's J-41 shoes.

From the moment we are born, life is a personal journey. Around every bend lies the unexpected. Those twists and turns that define each of our lives. J-41 Footwear is built to meet life’s challenges. Engineered to traverse individual terrains, J-41 offers superior traction, durability and comfort.
Featuring ridged rubber soles, fastdrying, water resistant materials and extra cushioning for superior support, J-41 is the footwear of choice for individuals on-the-move. Wherever you may go, whatever you may do, J-41 is a true friend and constant companion.

Combining a highly-functional design with exceptional style,
J-41 Footwear sets a pace well above the crowd. From leisurely outings to more intensive activities, J-41 is a high performance “go anywhere” shoe that looks and feels great. A roadmap gently imbedded in our soles symbolizes the unique and very special adventure that each of us embarks upon.