Dr. Scholl's Shoes

Dr. Scholl's Shoes

For over 100 years, Scholl shoes have been a big name in the footwear industry and scientific studies have shown Scholl manufacture shoes with advanced technology that provides maximum comfort.

Dr William Scholl founded the company in the early 1900s with his medical knowledge, and made popular and contemporary footwear that supports the foot and increases people's health and wellbeing. The shoes are made with specially shaped soles which provide a comfortable fit like no other.

Today Scholl is as popular as when the company started each year, the company releases a new range of footwear for kids, men and women.

The grandson of a shoemaker, William Mathias Scholl dedicated his life to revolutionary research on the "science of foot relief." His desire to create shoes that fit better, alleviate foot pain, and treat foot problems led him to groundbreaking research from which we still benefit from today.

After earning an MD from Illinois Medical College, now known as Loyola University, Dr. Scholl launched his own business as a manufacturer of orthopedic foot products. These products were his personal inventions, and many of them still help millions treat their feet right, even today.

The Original Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandal was launched in the United States in 1968 with a remarkable impact. By the end of 1972, national sales had reached one million pairs. Designed with a raised toe crest to encourage a gripping action and shapely legs, this simple sandal's most outstanding feature is its wooden sole. It was this sole that influenced the chunky shoes and clogs so prevalent during the late '60s and early '70s.

The Original Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandal from the 1960s and 70s returned to fashion again in the 90s, appearing on runways and fashion magazines. The design remained authentic then, as it is today, and continues as a fashion staple. Its sleek, architectural design complements all types of clothing.

Now a classic style, the Original Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandal continues to be the favorite of fashion stylists, editors and movie stars.