Florsheim Shoes

Florsheim Shoes

Since 1892, the Florsheim family has been designing the footprints of style, comfort and a dedication to high quality workmanship. Milton Florsheim knew that the key to entrepreneurial success was good distribution. He provided the support needed to nurture several small retail ventures. Thus, this forward thinking brought Florsheim shoes to the small towns of America.

As one of the first companies to begin mass-producing shoes, Florsheim was an all-encompassing success. With the turn of the century, wholesale distribution to metropolitan areas began with full stride efforts. Present day distribution includes both national and international arenas. This keeps Florsheim at the top of the men's footwear enterprise with sweeping availability.

Today, Florsheim's focus is on research and development with the consumers needs in mind, while paving the way to a stylish and comfortable future.

Florshiem Footwear – Standing the test of time since 1982.

For 116 years, Florsheim has been an uncompromising leader in men’s shoes. As Florsheim celebrate this landmark anniversary, they look back, refocus and set their sites on the future. What they see is a company with a commitment to craftsmanship and fashion-forward thinking. They see a world-class brand name that consumers continue to rely on for quality, style, comfort and value. They see classic styles as relevant today as when they first introduced them. They see new looks, and more importantly, new technologies and manufacturing processes that prove style needn’t be stifling. They see opportunity and, yes they change.

But they are confident that the challenges they face will make them stronger. They are determined more than ever, to live up to the standards and heritage of the Florsheim brand. 116 years is a long time to be on your feet. They are proud to say that Florsheim has not only withstood the test of time, but they remain decidedly instep with the times. So here’s to a successful anniversary year for everyone … and to 116 more years of giving nothing less than 116%.